Chakra Lessons


Your energy centers (chakras) are the spiritual organs that govern the flow of energy within you, affecting your vitality, your outlook on life and your spiritual growth.

The perpetual flow of energy that moves as a river of light through your chakras will keep your body, mind and spirit in a positive spin.

The lack of energy flow, like air trapped in a stuffy room, can create stagnation, depression and even disease.

Sometimes, even though we don’t realize it, we aren’t able to hold on to our energy. When this happens, we can feel drained and lose our zest for life. There are many ways this can happen in each of the different chakras.

We can lose energy if we feed it into negatives—a negative outlook about ourselves or others, anger, agitation, gossip, excessive chatter, hatred, jealousy.

When vitality passes into the eyes, the vision is clear; when it is in the ears, the hearing is sharp. When it is in the mouth, speech is accurate; and when it gathers in the mind, thought is penetrating.



Sealing Your Chakras

We can also experience an energy drain when we get into a spiritually unhealthy environment.

For example, sometimes when we interact with someone who is glum, we begin to feel sad our- selves.

Just by being in a crowd or in a big shopping mall, we can get exhausted and out of sorts.

This happens simply because that which has a lesser vibration than our own will drink in our energy, as the parched earth absorbs water, unless we are protected.

When you start to feel something or someone pulling on your energy, that’s when you can turn to your spiritual toolbox.

The “Tube of Light” affirmation and “Meditation for the Sealing of Your Chakras” can help you reestablish your equilibrium and connect with your loving Higher Self.

Your Spiritual Anatomy—The Chart of Your Divine Self


Each of us has a personal connection with God through our Higher Self. The Chart of Your Divine Self can help us understand this relationship.

It is a diagram of your spiritual anatomy and your potential to become who you really are. Author Dannion Brinkley, who has had three near-death experiences, said of that chart, “This is what you look like from spiritual realms.”

The upper figure in the chart is the I AM Presence, the personal Presence of God that is individualized for each of us.

Buddhists call it the Dharmakaya, or the body of Ultimate Reality.

The middle figure represents your Higher Self—your wise inner teacher, chief guardian angel and dearest friend.

Some call the Higher Self “the inner Christ” or “the inner Buddha.” Each of us is meant to become, right here on earth, the reflection of our Higher Self by manifesting the full potential of our spiritual nature.

The shaft of light that descends from the heart of the I AM Presence to the lower figure is the crystal cord, the umbilical cord that connects you to your spiritual Source and nourishes your energy centers.

The lower figure, representing you on the spiritual path, is enveloped in the purifying spiritual energy of the violet flame and the protective white tube of light, which you can call forth in your spiritual practices.

I AM light within, without;
I AM light is all about.
Fill me, free me, glorify me!
Seal me, heal me, purify me!

The White Light

The saints and mystics have seen and felt the white light in their prayers and meditations.

The Israelites, for instance, experienced the tube of light as a “pillar of a cloud” by day and “a pillar of fire” by night as they journeyed through the wilderness.

And God promised through the Prophet Zechariah: “I will be unto her [Jerusalem] a wall of fire around about, and will be the glory in the midst.”

The white light can help you stay centered and at peace. It guards you from negative energies that may be directed at you through someone’s anger, condemnation, hatred or jealousy.

When you have a strong forcefield of light around you and within you, the light will reject and repel the negativity.

When you are unprotected, those aggressive energies can make you irritable or depressed. They can even cause you to have accidents.

Spiritual Techniques

Meditation on the White Light

You can summon the protective white light through the “Tube of Light” affirmation.

The tube of light is a shield of energy that descends from God through your Higher Self in answer to your call.

It’s best to give the “Tube of Light” affirmation each morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

If throughout the day you feel de-energized, depleted or vulnerable, withdraw for a few minutes and repeat this affirmation.


As you recite the “Tube of Light” affirmation, see dazzling white light, brighter than the sun shining on new-fallen snow, descending from God.

See it coalesce to form around you an impenetrable wall of light about nine feet in diameter, shielding you from all negativity.

Inside this scintillating cylinder of light, see yourself enfolded with the violet flame. From time to time throughout the day, you can reinforce this spiritual protection by visualizing the white light around you and repeating this affirmation.

Tube of Light

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your tube of light
From ascended master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth violet fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the violet flame.

After you give this affirmation at least three times, or as many times as you wish, you can give the “Meditation for Sealing Your Chakras” to protect your energy centers from absorbing the off-balanced energies that may come to you during the day.

Meditation for Sealing Your Chakras

You can repeat the following meditation throughout the day whenever you feel the need to energize or seal your centers. As you practice this meditation, you will develop a sensitivity in your seven chakras and in the centers of your palms.

Although your chakras are positioned along your spinal column, for the purposes of this exercise you will always be moving your right hand to the corresponding position along the front of your body.

Heart Chakra

Place your left hand over your heart chakra, in the center of your chest. (Keep your left hand there throughout the meditation.) Place your right hand on top of your left hand.

Visualize a fiery white disc in your heart. See your right palm pulling out this white light, which you will now use to nourish each chakra.

Feel the spiritual fire intensifying in your heart chakra. Feel the warmth of the love that is in our heart intensifying.

Crown chakra

Leaving your left hand over your heart chakra, place your right hand over the top of your head, one to two inches above your crown chakra.

You are drawing energy from your heart chakra with your left hand, and with your right hand you are placing this energy over your crown chakra.

Close your eyes and visualize this white-fire disc of God’s energy charging, stimulating and balancing your crown chakra.

See and feel the connection of light as the light flows through your right palm to your thousand-petaled, golden crown chakra.

To activate the flow of light, slightly rotate your right hand clockwise.

Third-eye chakra

When you feel that you have made contact with the intensity of light moving into your crown chakra, move your right hand to about an inch in front of your third-eye chakra, between your eyebrows.

Visualize the white-fire disc in your right hand spinning over your third eye.

Rotate your right hand clockwise over your third-eye chakra.  See this 96-petaled chakra, an intense emerald green, and feel the energy of the white light activating your third eye.

You can do this for shorter or longer periods of time, depending on how long you want your meditation to be. If you feel any pain in your third eye, move to the next step so as not to overstimulate the chakra.


Throat chakra

When you are ready, move your right hand to an inch in front of your throat chakra, at the base of the neck.

Visualize the disc of dazzling white fire activating your throat chakra as you rotate your right hand in a clockwise direction.

See and feel this 16-petaled chakra, an intense blue, as it is energized, purified, balanced and healed.

Heart chakra

With your left hand still in the center of your chest over your heart chakra, move your right hand to an inch over your heart chakra.

Feel the light charging your heart chakra as you rotate your hand.

Feel the light intensifying through the 12 petals of this radiant pink chakra. You can take several deep breaths.

Solar-plexus chakra

Move your right hand to an inch over your solar-plexus chakra, at the point of the navel.

The light now invigorates this 10-petaled, purple-and-gold chakra, known as the “place of the sun.”

Feel the white light going into this chakra, establishing inner peace as you rotate your right hand in a clockwise direction. Let go of all that is not peace in your life—any friction, worry, unresolved problems.

Again, take some deep breaths as you allow the light to stabilize the solar plexus and restore it to its native harmony.

Seat-of-the-soul chakra

Move your right hand to an inch in front of your seat-of-the-soul chakra, midway between the navel and the base of the spine.

This is where your soul dwells until she has balanced her karma and moved to the level of the heart. Your soul is sensitive, intuitive, fragile. Your soul is your inner child.

Visualize the dazzling white disc over your 6-petaled soul chakra, violet in color.

As the light continues to enter this chakra, see it embrace your inner child—soothing, comforting and strengthening.

Rotate your right hand in a clockwise direction to intensify the action of the light.

Base-of-the-spine chakra

Move your right hand to an inch in front of your base-of-the-spine chakra.

Rotate your right hand in front of this four-petaled, white center to seal, stimulate and balance its energies.

Base to the crown

Keeping your left hand over your heart chakra, slowly raise your right hand up the line of your chakras from the base to the crown.

Pause at each chakra until you feel balance at that level. Each chakra is a station where you are processing light.

You can do this last step three or four times. Each time, starting at the base, sense that you are sealing the light and raising the light. You can assist this action by breathing deeply.

Return to the heart

To conclude this exercise, bring your right hand back to your heart chakra, placing it on top of your left hand.

Chant the sacred syllable Om for the sealing of this meditation.

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